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navel worx


We didn't just change the logo; we helped them regain confidence in their brand.


A brand's identity is not static. It can change over time. And for navelworx, it was time for change.


Navel Worx


2022 - Current


Health & Beauty

Type of Work

Brand Repositioning


Packaging Design

Business Development

Web Design

Social Media

We started by studying their current position. In-depth market analysis and research allowed us to understand their targeted customer better and gain insights into their competitors and the overall industry.


Our next step was to create a new brand positioning statement. It needed to reflect the new position the brand would take in the market.


'Essential oil remedies inspired by ancient Ayurveda are applied in and around the navel to nourish the body and improve overall health and well-being.'


The new statement was the guide for developing a new brand strategy and visual identity that reflected their new position, aligned their business goals and appealed to a new market while remaining true to the company's core values; making conscious efforts to support and restore the well-being of others to instil confidence and encourage a positive self-image, mind and body. 

We also developed their slogan, 'nourishment in every drop', which helps to maintain a consistent voice and anchor key messaging with their target market's preferred communication style. 

It was important to ensure they had a solid, comprehensive plan to help them correctly communicate the new brand and create a more engaging customer experience, from print collateral to social media. 

Next, we designed visual elements like colours, typography, imagery, and a new logo. We simplified and renamed the product line and updated the website, email signatures and other collateral materials to reflect this change. 

The final step was to roll out the changes to all touchpoints, including packaging, marketing materials, website design, and future communications and marketing initiatives.

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