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RT’s leadership aims to render insolvency and liquidation obsolete. A vision that inspired us to build an image that reflects their optimistic view on commitment, continuity, and change.

RT group provides a new approach to business turnaround.

We created an identity that reflects their bold approach to business restructuring and proactive turnaround.

We tapped into the brand’s original company name, Redford, and played on ‘ford’, “a place where a river can be crossed.”


We then identified the brand personality; archetype, personality and tone of voice and finished off with a digital guideline for use on social media.


The logo is a bold and highly stylised representation of a bridge and a globe that signifies the passage from old to new while bridging worlds to form a unifying entity.

An ombre gradient used colours to symbolise stability, clarity, transparency and trust.


Stationery with sleek elements that bridged the gap between professionalism and approachability.


The warmer tones brought creativity, luxury, vitality and value; all balanced by simple, practical typography.


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