Langaro Lifestyle Centre

I met Kirsty Da Costa, Director of Langaro Lifestyle Centre,  at the Les Nouvelles Esthetique Spa Conference in July of 2012. Being a new spa owner, she was treading very delicately into unknown territory that she had very little knowledge about. At the time, Langaro was not even an entity, with just a registered name, a bank account and a tiny office that they rented in Century City, but with a dream to build a brand within the spa and wellness industry.

As I had previously done training for a luxury spa brand, Germaine de Cappuccino, I was at the Spa Conference stand educating people on GDC and how to brand. This is how the business relationship started. Kirsty was actually surprised to learn that I lived in Cape Town and we agreed to set up a meeting when we were back from conference the following week. From that initial meeting at Newport Café in Mouille Point, Cape Town, things were just meant to be.

As the meetings progressed, Kirsty was also surprised to learn of my talents as qualified therapist and trainer who had been living and working in Cape Town for over 10 years. I had built up a wealth of knowledge and client experience over my many endeavours and because they wanted a boutique in Langaro they were so impressed to learn that I had worked with two renowned South African designers and could assist us with their fashion needs too.

This was the start of a dynamic business relationship with By The Design and Langaro, that has gone from strength to strength over the last 3 years. So, I became an integral part of their team here. I really try to add a positive energy to keep the inspiration going and motivated. I incorporate my passion for the industry and create change through dynamic leadership and innovative ideas, to ensure that any business always remains relevant to their target market and abreast of the current trends in their particular industry.

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